TEVO Total Evolutions e.U.
TEVO Total Evolutions e.U.

TEVO Engineering e.U.

Eisenstraße 21, 8076 Vasoldsberg

FN: 420006g, Landesgericht Graz

UID: ATU68996349 

Registered in AUSTRIA



About TEVO

TEVO is an engineering consultancy focused on Product Development founded in 2014 by Markus Ratzer. We target vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 Suppliers who intend to outsource mechanical engineering activities. The abbreviation TEVO stands for “Total EVOlutions”. In order to realise “total evolutions” for our clients, we always provide our holistic view in all engineering services we offer.


Our Mission: the overall objective is to find a perfect compromise of product characteristics - not the perfect product.


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