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Mechanical Engineering services for vehicle manufacturers & vehicle system suppliers



To realise our customer’s projects, we offer CAD-services (3D-modeling, drafting, kinematics simulation) on CATIA and NX. Our deep knowledge in various manufacturing processes (injection moulding, stamping, bending, welding, milling, turning…) guarantees always feasible solutions. Under consideration of performance parameters, defined in specification book, we create vehicle components and systems up to customer’s target cost.



We fully understand the need of ERP/PDM systems within the automotive branch. We already discovered the meaning of PLM and the impact of product-data-relations on essential business operations. Product related data is always created by TEVO to cover a full engineering package. We are creating spec books, data sheets, FMEAs, BOMs and further product related data in order to respect OEM’s individual standards.



In fact, every manufacturer which intends producing gods in high volume, is expected to use individual production equipment. That’s the reason why we are offering development serveries in the field of “production equipment” exclusively for our automotive customers. We are familiar in designing both, semi and fully automated fixtures/apparatuses, as well as in the scaling of whole production lines up to individual process indicators, quality and cost targets.     




We create records and documents concerning your production equipment, to fulfill Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and further standards. We have proven experience in creating product manuals and maintenance guidelines, assembly instructions, test records, training material, risk assessment, BOM, layout and many more. We also provide documentation services to conform SLE standard, for customers, who intent to deliver production equipment to Daimler plants. If required, we create/convert CAD Data in Siemens NX, Layouts in MicroStation and risk assessment in safeexpert.



The good old wisdom “time is money” applies in automobile industry since Henry Ford launched the production of his Modell-T. We help our clients in saving time & cost by sending representatives to steer Tier-suppliers (manufacturer’s representative) and to ensure client’s interests at OEM’s site (supplier representative).    



In some cases, even for highly experienced engineers, it is impossible to forecast vehicle component’s behaviour under stress. In those cases, it is necessary to compute the application. TEVO realises the computation of stress, to ensure the stiffness of components in order to fulfil functionality, as well as scaling work, to identify right dimension for vehicle systems (e.g. drive-, hydraulic-, pneumatic-systems).



Nowadays vehicle manufacturers face the global cost and quality pressure more than ever. To fulfil market and customer requirements OEMs intend to consider a gigantic number of different aspects within early project development stages. It is a matter of fact that this intention has created a dynamic itself. Meanwhile the cycle time of vehicle development projects has been reduced to a minimum of less than 2 years, while the complexity has reached a high level. Ever how - some suppliers discovered that essential project activities are better to be outsourced. TEVO offers project management - from planning stages up to execution activities.

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